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The advantages of our pallet transport solution

Over the past 20 years, Lotrex has continuously improved its services. Today, we offer a complete solution adapted to your needs:

● Strategic locations for all;

● Product grouping for a better carbon footprint;

● A unique and qualified Customer service;

● A tracking and management tool;

● A multimodal transport possibility (road, air…).

Whether you are located in Côte d’Or, Vaucluse, Flanders or Bavaria, joining our network is always possible. Our services are available to all French and European professionals. Our target? To provide professionals with a means of transport for the import or export of their products.

Thanks to an optimized logistic chain, we deliver their products in 24h to 96h in France and in all of Europe. Our network takes care of the handling and the routing of the pallets.

Becoming a partner: sure, but how?

Our Pallet Network offers quality services to its partners but also sophisticated monitoring tools. The transport of goods is monitored with remote control tools, from any device (smartphone, PC, tablet…).

Interested in our solution? You can become a partner today by contacting us. Simple and fast, this step allows you to join the Lotrex Network and send your pallets anywhere in France and Europe.

Testimonials from partners of the Lotrex Network

Today, we are fortunate to have many loyal members in our network. Over the past 20 years, road freight has grown considerably, as has customer demand. At Lotrex, collaborations are long term. For our clients, it is essential to find an efficient, professional and caring partner. Every day, we challenge ourselves to provide an ever more efficient euronational transport service.

What our customers appreciate:

● Our team’s attentiveness and advice;

● The possibility of sending and receiving any size of pallets (including dangerous goods);

● The different points available;

● Delivery throughout Europe and the world;

● Multimodal transport;

● The entire logistics service;

● The adapted fleet of vehicles;

● The availability of drivers and professionals in the sector.

Lotrex responds efficiently to their transportation needs, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our activity takes into account the obligations and imperatives of everyone. This way, we can provide adapted solutions, under any circumstances!

To have access to a Pallet Network on the national or Euronational territory, become a partner of the Lotrex Network. A sustainable import-export, driven by strong values!