An international presence in the pallet transport industry

Your way is ours

Lotrex is proud to transport your products to the four corners of Europe. A natural action for us since our aim is to facilitate relations with the outside world.

Reliable and efficient European transport professionals

Today, Lotrex is an independent company that works with more than 120 Euronational partners. We travel all over Europe to deliver our partners’ pallets on time. A flawless professionalism, also carried by all our employees.

Regularity and procedures identical to national shipments

In the same way as our French customers, our European customers are also assisted in their groupage and Lotrex routing procedures. A procedure realized as quickly as possible according to the rules applicable to international shipments. Regularity and flexibility are key words for the Lotrex Network!

Ease of import and export

For our partners, the Lotrex Network allows great flexibility in import and export. No more useless round trips, no more wronged customers and a considerably optimized road transport. Trust Lotrex!

Daily departures and arrivals on the Network's hubs

The other advantage of our Pallet Network is its reactivity. Every day, our trucks leave for the four corners of Europe to deliver or recover pallets. Lotrex offers a sustainable, modern and efficient road transport solution for all. As for our drivers, they respect the logistics chain and deliver your pallet batches on time. Meticulous and expertly organized work!

A meticulous and well-organized work!

Finally, our Customer Service department is invaluable. It acts on several key points:

● Euronational Transportation Industry Consulting;

● Warehousing;

● Material Handling;

● Freight transportation;

● Transit;

● Delivery.

As such, Lotrex offers essential logistic services for all professionals wishing to import or export pallets. Beyond the professional aspect, our Pallet Network is proud of its international dimension. Linking people together is a major task: we are honored to be able to provide it.