Groupage and distribution

Centralizing your shipments for optimal road transport

Lotrex is aimed at all professionals who wish to consolidate and optimize their shipments. With a high grouping capacity, our Pallet Network has vehicles adapted to your needs.

A reliable collection and routing process

Our Network guarantees the daily distribution of pallets in France and throughout Europe. Our road transport and Pallet Network solutions are modern, efficient and designed for you. Rest assured, Lotrex ensures the follow-up and management of your pallets!

The routing process steps:

1. Picking up the pallets;

2. Handling and labeling by the member;

3. Routing to the hub by the member;

4. Scanning of the pallets on arrival and departure from the hub;

5. Collection by the delivering partner on his warehouse;

6. Control and delivery of the goods;

7. Return of the delivery and report of the delivery information and implementation of the POD.

Pallets are collected. In order to facilitate its service, Lotrex proceeds with a grouping by directional linehauls.

In this sense, our Network offers both a practical solution and a commitment to sustainable development. Road transport helps to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. Drivers and carriers work hand in hand to improve the supply chain and road freight.

Delivery times in France and Europe

Special products

For more than 20 years, Lotrex has been the leading expert in the Pallet Network in France and in Europe. The road transport sector is adapting to new customer expectations. Being more reactive and sustainable, Lotrex is a human-sized company that is close to professionals and attentive to their needs.

However, the products must meet conditions in order to be shipped:

● Delivery of shipments from 1 to 6 pallets

● Weight: maximum 1 Ton/pallet

● Dimensions: from 0.80m x 0.60m to 1.20m x 2.40m

● Height: maximum 2,20m

● Dangerous goods (except classes I, II and VII)

Optimal traceability of shipments

Becoming a Lotrex member means having privileged access to the multilingual Track and Trace tool. On our side, we use tracking tools that facilitate the management of shipments and deliveries. A trusted solution for all those who want to keep an eye on their products, in all circumstances.

An efficient pallet grouping

As a major player in the transport of palletized goods, we know the ins and outs of transport organization. The volume, weight and various constraints follow the path of your shipments. Thus, everything is realized so that the process is irreproachable.