Lotrex, your Euronational Pallet Network


Lotrex has been facilitating road transport operations in France and throughout Europe for over 20 years. Thanks to our experience, we work daily with quality partners. Would you like to join the Lotrex Network?

Our vision, our promises

Lotrex offers the best in palletized freight in France and in Europe. Our transport solution moves your pallets over short, medium and long distances. With its multimodal transport service, Lotrex is your Pallet Network.

Trusting us means obtaining a precise and efficient response to your needs, especially for your palletized shipments of 1 to 6 pallets. Lotrex has a professional transport capacity, offering you Euronational transport solutions. What makes our Euronational Network different? Its international dimension and the expertise of its multiple European partners.

In short, the Lotrex Network is based on three fundamental criteria: quality, cost, deadlines.

● High quality service:
○ National and Euronational notoriety;
○ Friendly, efficient and experienced network;
○ Strict compliance with transport regulations.

● A reduction in transportation costs:
○ Pooling of routing from different carriers;
○ Optimization of the overall logistics strategy;
○ Reduction of the ecological footprint via the Lotrex network.

● An improvement in delivery times:
○ Daily linehauls to our hubs;
○ Speed of execution, routing, delivery;
○ Lead times between 24 and 72 hours.

Lotrex, an independent and qualified Pallet Network

Lotrex is designed for carriers shipping from 1 to 6 pallets. Are you looking for a regular shipping solution? Become a partner of the Lotrex Network! Our values are strong: conviviality, solidarity, quality, professionalism and cooperation. As experts in the pallet network, we can help you with the routing of your products. Lotrex is an independent company with more than 20 years of experience and the leading Pallet Network in France. Our Customer Service is there to listen to you and assist you. After discussions, it designs solutions adapted to your expectations. Lotrex assures you:

● A great availability;
● A privileged contact;
● A personalized follow-up;
● Customized solutions for your palletized shipments;
● A guaranteed reactivity.

A loyal and satisfied clientele

“Why did I choose the Lotrex Network? First of all, because they are experts. Secondly, because the focus is on the friendly relationship between the partners. As a result, it offers us real comfort in our work!”

Partners, Customers, Drivers and Carriers help us to make Lotrex a reference in the road transport sector. In addition to managing transportation, Lotrex has succeeded in creating a positive working and collaboration environment. Be assisted, supported and always advised by becoming a member of our Network!

What are the advantages of the Lotrex Network?

Pallet Road Network, Lotrex is a precious help for its customers.

A centralized shipment tracking tool

By becoming a partner, you have the possibility to follow your shipments in real time. Your customers are reassured to keep an eye on the routing and transit of their products. Especially when it comes to a guaranteed delivery time or the routing of dangerous goods. Lotrex offers a powerful Track and Trace tool to keep you informed of the latest status!

Many hubs in France and Europe

In addition, Lotrex has several collection points. You can find us in Dijon, Avignon, Tours, Toulouse, Servon, Koblenz, Freiburg or Lyon.

Loyal and supportive partners

Moreover, the professionals with whom we collaborate are serious and respectful. Each of them scrupulously respects the Euronational road transport regulations. Having a transport company means being able to work with qualified actors, everywhere in Europe.

Lotrex, an environmentally responsible Pallet Network

Finally, by grouping our customers’ pallets in batches, we reduce the number of round trips. A small gesture for us, a big step for the planet! We have several road units, adapted to long distance transport.