The Lotrex Network

A flexible, dynamic and efficient company

At Lotrex, flexibility is the key for our Pallet Network. Our goal? To offer collection and delivery points all over Europe. With its headquarters in Dijon, Lotrex is a leader in local freight.

Pallet hubs available to our clients

Several pallet platforms are available throughout France and Europe. The reason? To facilitate collection, packaging and delivery. An optimized logistics chain designed for importexport!

What is special about our hubs? A great flexibility, appreciated by all our partners. Senders? Final customers? Our solutions are designed to facilitate the transport and logistics of your pallets. Your groupage of pallets are collected, shipped and unloaded with the greatest reactivity.


By choosing to go through our Network, you benefit from:

● numerous geographically distributed and interconnected platforms;
● the ability to deposit your shipments on all the platforms of the Network;
● the possibility of creating your own transport plan;
● the computerized traceability of your shipments on all your digital media;
● the management of hazardous materials except classes I, II and VII;
● the realization of Euronational collections;
● systematic delivery with a vehicle equipped with a tailgate elevator;
● optimal delivery times.

Both in the office and in the field, Lotrex is committed to offering you a service that meets your expectations.

An extensive fleet of vehicles

The Lotrex Network benefits from a high-performance fleet of trucks. For an Euronational road transport, our fleet of trucks is well adapted.

Lotrex focuses on performance and efficiency. But the safety of our employees and partners is also a priority. As for the transport regulations, we follow them to the letter. Our network of partners is also very well supervised and reactive.

And because the future is greener, we are already giving the Earth every chance. Reasonable and sensible groupage for a better environmental impact! The bonus? Choosing a more sustainable solution also means savings.

Committed professionals that listen to their customers

Lotrex is a company focused on Europe. We work with 120 Euronational partners. Our objective? To be a leading company in France but also throughout Europe.

Currently, our partners come from different European countries. Germany, Benelux, Spain, Switzerland… The diversity makes our wealth. Deliveries and shipments have no borders for Lotrex. We offer solutions adapted to the road transport of your pallets. Pallets are picked up and unloaded on our hubs in France and in Europe.

Palletized transport made easy

Are you looking for a suitable Euronational transport method? From import to export, Lotrex and its partners provide an optimal service.

Lotrex also offers a multimodal transport service: sea, rail and air freight. Nevertheless, our core business remains our Pallet Network via road transport. The transport sector can count on a dynamic and world-oriented company!